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RWN Vendor Spotlight! - Joanna Morris | Blush Baking Co.

Hello and welcome to our next RWN Vendor Spotlight! Joanna Morris is the owner of the amazing Blush Baking Co. which is a Roanoke, VA bakery specializing in custom wedding cakes, custom birthday cakes, smash cakes, decorated cookies and much more. Here is our interview with Joanna!

Q - When did you start your business? A - Blush Baking Co. officially started in January of 2017 after almost a decade of working in the industry as a professional pastry chef.

Q - Describe a typical wedding day for you. A - Wedding days typically start for me around 6am. I love to get up early & get any last minute baking done, put finishing touches on the cakes, and organize all of my supplies, boxes, and rentals for the day. Once it's time to head to the venue, the cake & any accessories like stands, other desserts, and decor get loaded into the car. Typically I am arriving on site about 1.5-2 hours before start time depending on weather conditions & location. Once on site, I do any necessary assembly, add finishing touches like fresh flowers & snap a few pictures before saying hi to the vendor team & heading out! Set up is one of my favorites moments because it's when the full vision comes together & everyone's hard work comes to life!

Q - How do you stay motivated? A - Seeing my clients' faces light up when I deliver their cake is the best feeling & keeps my motivation going! I love when I am able to capture their vision & bring it to life in cake form.

Q - Tell us one of your favorite parts of your job. A - Like the previous question, I absolutely love seeing my clients' reactions when they see their cake, but I also really enjoy the creativity. Whether it's creating a new flavor combination & testing recipes until each component is perfect or designing a cake that is completely unique to the couple with fun techniques, there is so much creativity within my job & I love that!

Q - What made you start a baking business? Was it an experience that happened to you or was it a life dream? A - I have always had a passion for baking & knew it would be a part of my life since I was young. Growing up, I would spend time with my mom baking in the kitchen & eventually that grew into something that I knew would be my career. In high school I figured out that this is what I wanted to do as a career & began taking the steps to get in the right direction.

Headshot credit: Tara Lilly Photo Product photo: Sydney Biggs

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