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RWN Vendor Spotlight! - Anna Bowser Photography

Q - What made you start a photographer business? Was it an experience that happened to you or was it a life dream?

A - I wouldn't say it was a life dream until I was in my 20's. I never thought I would be a professional wedding photographer, let alone photograph high profile clients and travel for destination weddings. I was a teenager when I started taking photos for fun. My high school boyfriend had a camera and somehow I got a hold of it. I enjoyed taking pictures and turned out to be good at it naturally. Then I started taking pictures of friends and learning how to pose people versus inanimate objects, flowers & animals. That's when I realized, I really like this hobby and it turned into a goal. Instead of going to college for photography, my parents urged me otherwise because I already had an eye for it. I went to college for business while running a photography business, I got a job in the corporate world while still running a photography business and 5 years later, I took the plunge.

Q - Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

A - I love what I do and I hope it shows. So for now, I see myself still being a destination wedding photographer but also, as a mom & wife! Having a child has changed my perspective on my business and I see things differently in a positive way. I want to continue to serve my clients both in town and afar in the best way possible while making sure my business survives alongside my personal life. I also have something special working on the side I hope to reveal soon! Q - Tell us more about you.

A - I'm a Blue Ridge Mountain gal through and through but the ocean calls my name from time to time so there's no question, I'm a wanderer. My dish is biscuits & gravy, my drink is Dr. Pepper, my movie is Finding Nemo (yes I’m an adult child) & my music is all over the board from reggae to old gospel! I’m fluent in movie quotes, I give all the glory to God and I'm obsessed with my husband & our new son! Q - How do you stay motivated?

A - Knowing I'm not perfect and there is always room for improvement. As Matthew McConaughey once said, "every day he needs something to look up to, another to look forward to, and last is someone to chase". I've made my fair share of mistakes over the years, we all have. I take that positively though and use it to motivate me and keep moving forward. Whether it's crafting my editing style to be noticed, dealing with a jam packed timeline, building a relationship with a client or more. I look up to God, I look forward to the next adventure whatever that may be and I have several individuals I chase to improve. Improvement keeps me motivated!

Q - Ask yourself a question and answer it. ---> What's your favorite wedding trend?

A - I love a classy champagne tower, assorted desserts versus a cake, exits that aren't sparklers and so many more; however, my all time favorite trend right now is substituting the garter toss for a creative alternative! A recent wedding of mine chose to toss teddy bears with gift cards for all men (married and single) and all the ladies (married and single) and it was so much fun! I chose not to do a garter toss at my wedding because I'm a private person and so is my husband. To each their own and no judgement to those who did a garter toss! I just find it awkward more times than not to see a father watch his son-in-law search for a garter publicly on his daughter. And I have to photograph it. Again, to each their own but I'm loving the creative alternatives couples are coming up with to still involve their guests while not making it awkward! Photo #1 Credit: Kaila Spangler (orange sweater) Photo #2 Credit: Janine Enold working for me (black romper) Photo #3 Credit: Myself (Wyatt Teller's Destination Wedding - NFL O/Lineman for Cleveland Browns) Photo #4 Credit: Myself (Wyatt Teller's Destination Wedding - NFL O/Lineman for Cleveland Browns)

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