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We will never forget your smile

While putting together this website, we could have never imagined that our first blog would be about the passing of RWN’s founder, Vicki Itson.

Today we lost a leader, a person with big dreams for our industry.

Vicki Itson started the Roanoke Wedding Network back in 2010 with a few friends and a goal to grow the industry through networking to help all of us.

As we sit here and think about Vicki, we tell ourselves we won’t cry, instead we will remember her smile and the way her whole face lit up. We will remember her laughter; do you remember how she laughed surrounded by her friends at the “Beat Bob” fundraiser at The Glen? We will remember how she loved working with couples of all ages to help them have the wedding of their dreams. We will remember how she devoted so much time to create the Roanoke Wedding Crawl to help grow business opportunities for every business in our industry.

But mostly, we will remember how she was a devoted mother who loved her boys with every fiber of her being. So we will try not to cry, but instead take comfort in the knowledge that Vicki loved God, and she is in his embrace today, and we will remember her laughter.

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